Argument IN FAVOR of Advisory Vote

A "YES" Vote on the "State Advisory" question will keep Term Limits in place for statewide officeholders, such as the governor, state legislators and local officials.

The people of Idaho enacted the 1994 Term Limits Law by Initiative. Nearly 235,000 of us voted in favor of Term Limits on elected state, county, municipal and school district officials. More Idahoans voted for Term Limits than voted for Governor Batt.

Rather than abiding by the will of the people, incumbent state legislators and some local politicians are trying to find an excuse to repeal Term Limits. Term Limits haven't even yet taken effect and the politicians have already cooked up an elaborate scheme to undo our vote.

These career politicians have placed this "Term Limits Advisory" vote on the ballot in an attempt to confuse voters and cancel our earlier vote. Don't be fooled!

We need Term Limits in Idaho. Vote "YES" when you consider:

In states where Term Limits have already gone into effect, voters have more choice at the ballot box -- the quality and number of candidates running for office is increasing and campaign costs are decreasing.

Without Term Limits, we don't have competitive elections in Idaho. Only 18 percent of 1998 county races and only 7 percent of state legislative races are competitive, open seat elections. Over 73 percent of incumbents in the Legislature were unopposed in the Primary Election. Even worse, more than half will have no opponent in this November's election!

The people of Idaho have been clear and consistent in their overwhelmingly support for Term Limits. Boise State University research shows nearly 80 percent of us want to keep the Term Limits we passed in 1994.

Lobbyists, special interest groups, and bureaucrats have lost power in states where Term Limits are in effect. Lobbyists and bureaucrats oppose Term Limits because they know it's more difficult to get taxpayer dollars from a term limited legislator, county commissioner or school board member.

Term Limits ensure greater fiscal responsibility and lower taxes. Voting records of Idaho politicians show that the longer incumbents stay in office, the more of our tax dollars they spend. By contrast, in the first session after Term Limits went into effect, Idaho legislators passed the largest tax cut in a generation.

Term Limits create more competitive elections, and open our government to new people with new ideas for solving Idaho's problems at the state, county, city and school district levels.

The 1994 Term Limits Law that YOU established assures that THE VOTERS ALWAYS HAVE THE POWER TO KEEP ANY ELECTED OFFICIAL THEY WANT. All the people have to do to re-elect a term-limited official is to write the candidate's name in on the ballot.

Vote "YES" on the "Term Limits Advisory" measure and send a message to our state politicians: "Keep your hands off our 1994 Term Limits Act! The people passed Term Limits! It's our Law!"

Vote "YES" for Idaho Term Limits.

Citizens for Term Limits

Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Advisory Vote

Supporters of "term limits" are trying to convince Idaho voters there won't be room for newcomers to government unless we arbitrarily throw people out of office every few years. That's not true. Here are the facts about turn-over that already exists, even without arbitrary "term-limits:"

COUNTY OFFICES (commissioners, sheriffs, treasurers, assessors, clerks, prosecuting attorneys, coroners): In the last 4 elections, the rate of change has been about 33% each election. On average, 1 out of every 3 people elected to these important local offices is brand-new. "Term limits" are not needed here.

CITY OFFICES: Turn-over among mayors has averaged 31% in the last 4 elections. Turn-over among City Council members has averaged 35% in that same time frame. "Term limits" are not needed here.

SCHOOL BOARDS: The last 4 elections, turn-over has averaged about 21%. "Term limits" are not needed here.

LEGISLATURE: Turn-over has been about 25% the last 4 elections. That means almost the entire Legislature is new every 8 years. "Term limits" are not needed here.

Idaho voters should have the right to decide how long our local office-holders can serve -- not an arbitrary law that out-of-stators in California, Texas and Washington, DC, spent $76,896 to get passed. But if arbitrary "term limits" are allowed to take effect, experienced, capable people will be forced out -- even when voters want to keep them in office.

Please vote NO to "term limits." Tell our legislators to give control of our government back to voters.

Idahoans Against Term Limits