Search by Candidate or Committee Name

You can use the search option below to list all itemized contributions or itemized expenditures for a particular candidate or committee by searching on the candidate's or committee's name.

You can use the wildcard character in your search. In this database, the wildcard character is the percent (%) sign. For example, you can search for 'John%' (without the quote marks) in the Candidate Last Name field if you're not sure whether the candidate you're looking for spells their name Johnson or Johnston. You can also leave the first name field blank if you're not sure of the candidate's first name. A blank field is treated as 'ALL'. You must enter something into either the first or last name field. We do not allow searching everything in the database because of download time and browser memory considerations. These same rules apply to PAC searches.

Important note: A quirk of our database is that if you search for a candidate or committee that has no itemized contributions (if searching contributions) or has no itemized expenditures (if searching expenditures) you will get the generic error page that simply says the candidate or committee was not found.You can check the summary figure files or contact our office to verify that is the case for a search that does not find an entity that you are certain should be there.