Contact Person / Organization   Thomas M. Sanner
PO Box 2963
Post Falls  ID  83854
(208) 773-9268
Status   September 23 1999 deadline for submitting signatures has passed.  
Failed to qualify for ballot status.
Short Ballot Title   Initiative raising the minimum wage and raising the training wage paid to certain employees under the age of eighteen.
Long Ballot Title   Initiative amending Idaho Code Section 44-1502(1) to increase minimum hourly wage to ten dollars ($10.00) per hour beginning December 1, 2000; amending Idaho Code Section 44-1502(4) to increase initial training wage paid to employees under the age of eighteen (18) during the first ninety days of employment to seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) per hour beginning December 1, 2000; prohibiting employers from displacing existing employees in order to hire new employees paid at the training wage of seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) per hour.
Attorney General Certificate of Review   Can be viewed by following this link to the Attorney General's web site.
Full Text   Section (1) Except as hereinafter otherwise provided, no employer shall pay to any of his employees any wages computed at a rate of less than five dollars and fifteen cents ($5.15) commencing September 1, 1997, and ten dollars ($10.00) commencing December 1, 2000, per hour for employment.

Section (4) In lieu of the rate prescribed by subsection (1) of this section, an employer may pay an employee who has not attained eighteen (18) years of age a wage which is not less than seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) commencing December 1, 2000 an hour during the first ninety (90) consecutive calendar days after such employee is initially employed. No employer may take any action to displace employees (including partial displacements such as reduction in hours, wages or employment benefits) for the purposes of hiring individuals at the wage authorized in this subsection.

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