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Frequently Asked Questions - Absentee Ballots

How long are Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) absentee requests good for? How does ElectioNet handle these requests over time?

A FPCA absentee request is valid through the next 2 regularly scheduled General Elections. ElectioNet allows for electors to be designated as being a Military or Overseas Citizen. When issuing an absentee ballot to a Military or Overseas Citizen, follow the steps in the User Guide under Absentee Ballots, Add an Absentee Ballot. However, on the Absentee Ballot screen, select an option from the Military/Overseas Status drop-down list prior to clicking on the Add New Absentee Ballot Request pushbutton to issue an absentee ballot. The Military/Overseas Status drop-down menu choices are: Citizen Residing Overseas, Military/Member of Uniformed Services, Spouse/Dependents of Military/Uniformed Services, or Spouse/Dependents of Citizens Residing Overseas. Once at the Maintain Absentee Ballots screen, enter the original request date of the FPCA card in the request date field. That way you can print an absentee ballot report listing only military and overseas citizens absentee ballot requests that you can use to identify those individuals that need to be issued an absentee ballot for the next federal election. ElectioNet will not automatically issue an absentee ballot for those who are designated as a Military or Overseas Citizen and sent in an FPCA card. Therefore, you will need to continue to track those voters for subsequent elections.