Step 1. Using both hands, insert the ballot card all the way into the voting unit. Be sure the two slots in the top stub of your ballot card fit down over the two red pins.

ballot insert ballot align

Step 2. Using the Official Ballot pages, find the voting number for your choice and punch that same number in the voting unit. Hold the punch device straight up and down when punching. Do not use a pen or pencil on voting unit.

ballot punch

Step 3. To write in a name, you must write in the name of a valid write-in candidate and the office on the gray ballot envelope.

You cannot vote for a candidate whose name appears on the ballot and write in a candidate under the same office title. This is an overvote and neither vote will count.

Step 4. After voting, withdraw the ballot card. Inspect it to be sure all holes are cleanly and completely punched out. Remove any loose chads as illustrated.

punch card

Step 5. Insert ballot card into gray ballot envelope and return to the Receiving Clerk. secrecy envelope

If you make a mistake in marking your ballot, another ballot can be issued by returning the spoiled one to the Election Clerk.

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