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Ballot Propositions To Be Voted On at the General Election November 7, 2006

Argument AGAINST Proposition 1


  • It would squeeze about $4 BILLION from Idaho's taxpayers over the next 13 years without a plan for spending the money. It is highly unlikely that our children will see a penny of it!
  • It would put an additional burden on Idaho's working families by increasing their sales tax by 20 percent.
  • It singles out a particular employee group for a large salary increase. Our teachers are important, but so are our policemen and firemen. When nearly $4 BILLION is siphoned away from other programs, it will be nearly impossible to address the salary needs of other valuable employees and agencies. Proposition One is a very divisive plan!
  • It is a "shotgun" approach to education funding. Taxpayer money should be targeted towards needs, not allocated randomly. This "shotgun" method will virtually guarantee that the legislature will be unable to approve targeted increases for future needs. That means that critical needs will go unmet! Children will suffer as a result.
  • Proposition One falsely claims that there is a connection between student spending and student performance. THERE IS NONE! In fact, per pupil spending in Idaho has increased by seven times in the last four decades. Student performance has been stagnant. The Texas Supreme Court recently concluded that there is NO relationship between money and student performance. Utah's schools outperform Idaho's schools at 75 percent of the cost of Idaho's schools. Idaho's charter schools produce a quality education at a cost of about 80 percent of Idaho's traditional schools.
  • Idaho has tried before to use big spending to boost student achievement. In 1994-95, the Legislature increased school spending by $100 million. The result was massive increase in spending for teachers and staff, but almost no increase in student performance.
  • Idaho's teachers are paid a beginning salary of $30,000. With benefits, it comes to about $40,000. After only 12 years of experience, teachers may earn as much as $70,000. Compared to most Idaho taxpayers, teachers are among the highest paid in the state. Teachers are paid the fifth highest among other Idaho Occupations.
  • The Idaho teacher's union thinks Idaho's tax policy is for sale. The union will spend millions of dollars to convince you that Proposition One is an investment in kids. In fact, it is an investment in the union - the only direct beneficiaries. It is a crying shame that the union leadership would prostitute Idaho's children for their own gain. But as a nationally-known union leader recently stated, "When students start paying union dues, we will be concerned about students." Proposition One is not about your child's school teacher. It is all about the union using its political muscle for its own interests.


Idahoans for Excellence in Education

Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition 1

Let’s Set the Record Straight About Proposition 1

  • Every penny of the money generated by Proposition 1 will be spent directly on Idaho’s public school students, not for administration—it’s the law.
  • Proposition 1 helps the children of Idaho’s working families compete for better-paying jobs.
  • Proposition 1 does not divert a single penny from other services like police and fire.
  • The money from Proposition 1 can only be spent on nine specific areas that most improve student success in the classroom.  Local control is also guaranteed since school districts determine what they need the most, and must report to the public how the money was used. That’s far more taxpayer accountability than now exists.
  • Money is not the only factor in a quality education, but it takes money to replace out-of-date textbooks, and to make sure there are enough for every student, as well as ensure classrooms are safe and in good repair. We are 45th out of 50 states in per pupil spending and have the 8th most crowded classrooms. The idea that inadequate funding doesn’t hurt the academic success of our children is absurd.
  • Attacking our classroom teachers is not the way to improve our schools. Idaho is losing highly skilled and committed teachers to other states. Proposition 1 is critical to Idaho’s ability to retain and attract the best and brightest for our kids.

Idaho’s Schools Are Idaho’s Future
Vote Yes on Proposition 1

Invest in Our Kids’ Education Campaign

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