1998 Proposed Ballot Initiatives

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Mr. Laird Maxwell
Idahoans for Tax Reform
1608 Beford Drive
Boise ID  83705
(208) 331-1996


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Short Ballot Title

Initiative to incrementally phase out property tax levy for public school maintenance and operation by the year 2001.

Long Ballot Title

Initiative enacting new section to Idaho Code, Idaho Code Section 33-801B; to reduce property tax rates for public school maintenance and operation levy by a designated increment each year; to eliminate public school maintenance and operation property tax levy by the year 2001; urging the Idaho legislature to enact portions of RS07175, presented during the 1997 legislative session.

Attorney General Certificate of Review

Can be viewed at the Attorney Generals web page - see under 'Opinions'

Full Text

Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Idaho:

Section 1. That Chapter 8, Title 33, Idaho Code is hereby amended by the addition thereto of a NEW SECTION, to be known and designated as Section 33-801B, Idaho Code, and to read as follows:

33-801B. It is the finding of the citizens of Idaho that providing property tax relief and providing appropriate funding for public schools must be considered at the same time, that school maintenance and operation should be funded by state sales tax revenues, and that an incremental approach over a three (3) year period is a preferred method of effecting transfer of the funding sources. Therefore, the citizens of Idaho limit the maximum school maintenance and operation levies during tax year 1999, not to exceed an amount equal to two-tenths of one percent (.2%), not to exceed an amount equal to one-tenth of one percent (.1%) during tax year 2000, and not to exceed an amount equal to zero percent (0%) in tax year 2001, and each year thereafter, applied to the actual or adjusted market value for assessment purposes of the district as such valuation existed on December 31 of the previous year. Such incremental approach beginning in tax year 1999 provides the Legislature adequate time to make any needed adjustments to General Fund expenditures or revenues and to provide appropriate funding for public schools.

Section 2.   The citizens of Idaho find the current tax laws are complex and any changes need to be carefully drafted. Therefore, the citizens of Idaho recommend the Idaho Legislature enact Sections 2 through 9 of RS07175 as drafted by Legislative Services and presented in 1997, to the House Revenue and Taxation Committee by Idaho State Representative Lenore Barrett during the First Regular Session of the Fifty-fourth Legislature.