1998 Proposed Ballot Initiatives

In the full text of the proposed initiative words to be deleted are bracketed "[ ]" and words replacing deleted text or being added are italicized.

Contact Person / Organization

Mr. Laird Maxwell
Idahoans for Tax Reform
1608 Beford Drive
Boise ID  83705
(208) 331-1996


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Short Ballot Title

Initiative changing labor negotiation process between school districts and local education organizations representing professional employees.

Long Ballot Title

Initiative relating to school district labor negotiation procedures; repealing requirement that school districts enter into labor negotiations with a local education organization representing professional employees of districts by making such negotiations optional at the discretion of the school district.

Attorney General Certificate of Review

Can be viewed at the Attorney Generals web page - see under 'Opinions'

Full Text

Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Idaho:

Section 1. That Section 33-1271, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby amended to read as follows:

33-1271. SCHOOL DISTRICTS - PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES - NEGOTIATION AGREEMENTS. The board of trustees of each school district, including specially chartered districts, or the designated representative(s) of such district, is hereby empowered to and [shall] may upon its own initiative or upon the request of a local education organization representing professional employees, enter into a negotiation agreement with the local education organization or the designated representative(s) of such organization and negotiate with such party in good faith on those matters specified in any such negotiation agreement between the local board of trustees and the local education organization. A request for negotiations may be initiated by either party to such negotiation agreement. Accurate records or minutes of the proceedings shall be kept, and shall be available for public inspection at the offices of the board of education during normal business hours. Joint ratification of all final offers of settlement shall be made in open meetings.

Section 2. That Section 33-1273, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby amended to read as follows:

33-1273. SCHOOL DISTRICTS - PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES - NEGOTIATIONS. The local education organization [shall] may be the exclusive representative for all professional employees in that district for purposes of negotiations. The individual or individuals selected to negotiate for the professional employees shall be a member of the organization designated to represent the professional employees and shall be a professional employee of the local school district. However, in the event a local board of trustees chooses to designate any individual(s) other than the superintendent or elected trustee(s) of the school district as its representative(s) for negotiations, the local educational organization is authorized to designate any individual(s) of its choosing to act as its representative(s) for negotiations. A local board of trustees or its designated representative(s) [shall] may negotiate matters covered by a negotiations agreement only with the local education organization or its designated representative(s).