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Legislative Subject Codes

Code   Subject
01   Agriculture, horticulture, farming, and livestock
02   Amusements, games, athletics and sports
03   Banking, finance, credit and investments
04   Children, minors, youth, senior citizens
05   Church and religion
06   Consumer affairs
07   Ecology, environment, pollution, conservation, zoning, land and water use
08   Education
09   Elections, campaigns, voting, political parties
10   Equal rights, civil rights, minority affairs
11   Government, financing, taxation, revenue, budget, appropriations, bids, fees, funds
12   Government, county
13   Government, federal
14   Government, municipal
15   Government, special districts
16   Government, state
17   Health service, medicine, drugs and controlled substances, health insurance, hospitals
18   Higher education
19   Housing, construction, codes
20   Insurance (excluding health insurance)
21   Labor, salaries and wages, collective bargaining
22   Law enforcement, courts, judges, crimes, prisons
23   License, permits
24   Liquor
25   Manufacturing, distribution and services
26   Natural resources, forest and forest products, fisheries, mining and mining products
27   Public lands, parks, recreation
28   Social insurance, unemployment insurance, public assistance, workmen's compensation
29   Transportation, highways, streets and roads
30   Utilities, communications, television, radio, newspaper, power, CATV, gas
31   Other

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