[updated June 2007]

Election Administration Improvement (Title I)

Based on our percentage of the nation’s total voting age population and the prescribed minimum payments in the act, Idaho received $5 million in Election Administration Improvement Funding.

Requirements Payments (Title II, subtitle D, part 1)

For Fiscal Years 2003 through 2005, if fully funded, Idaho would have received up to $15 million that would require a 5% match of $789,375, by the state.

For Fiscal Year 2003, Idaho received $4,150,000 with another $7,451,902 for Fiscal Year 2004. Congress has not appropriated funds since.

Access for the Disabled (Title II, subtitle D, part 2)

We may compete for grants to improve access for the disabled. For these grants a total of $100 million is authorized for Fiscal Years 2003-2005. Idaho received $100,000 for Fiscal Year 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Protection and Advocacy Systems Payments (Title II, subtitle D, part 4)

Each state’s protection and advocacy system, as defined by federal law, will receive payments based on a formula to ensure full participation in the electoral process for individuals with disabilities. For these payments, $10 million is authorized for Fiscal Years 2003-2006.