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Supreme Court Justices and Appellate Court Judges must be at least 30 years old when elected, a citizen of the United States and have been admitted to practice law for at least 10 years prior to taking office and is admitted to practice law in the state of Idaho, and has resided within the state for at least 2 years preceding his election. Each Supreme Court Justice and Appellate Court Judges serves a 6 year term in office and is voted on statewide. (1-2404, Idaho Code; Supreme Court Justice - 34-615, Idaho Code)


Campaign Finance Filing Requirements:  

Individuals who wish to run for Supreme Court Justice or Appellate Court Judge must file a C1: Appointment and Certification of Political Treasurer (C1 Form) with the Secretary of State's Office. The C1 Form must be filed prior to announcing your candidacy, accepting donations or spending money on your campaign. If you have questions regarding this filing, please contact the Secretary of State's Office at either or at (208) 334-2852.



Filing for Ballot Access:  

Individuals run as non-partisan candidates (i.e. no affiliation with any of the recognized political parties in Idaho).



Candidate Filing:  

Candidates must file a Declaration of Candidacy and either pay the $300 filing fee or collect the signatures of at least 1,000 registered electors of the state.

The Judicial Filing Packet has the necessary forms and a short information sheet. Candidate filing is open from March 3 to March 14, 2014. Declarations and/or Petitions will not be accepted until March 3rd. Any received prior to March 3rd will be returned to the candidate.

When collecting signatures to be filed with the Declaration of Candidacy, each signature sheet must contain the signatures of qualified electors from only one county and must be verified by the County Clerk prior to being filed with the Secretary of State.


Where to File:  

In-Person or Special Delivery:

Idaho Secretary of State's Office
State Capitol
700 W Jefferson, Ste E-205
Boise, ID 83702


Idaho Secretary of State's Office
Elections Division
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0080


Fax: (208) 334-2282


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