2013 Scanned Campaign Finance Reports - Statewide, Judicial and Undeclared

2013 Annual
Balukoff, A J (DEM) scanned
Bayes, Walter (REP) scanned
Brown, Harley D (REP) scanned
Bujak, John T (LIB) scanned
Fulcher, Russell M (REP) scanned
Humble, Jill (IND) scanned
Otter, C.L. "Butch" (REP) scanned
Pankey, Steve (CON) scanned
Pro-Life, (IND) scanned
Lieutenant Governor
Little, Brad (REP) scanned
Secretary of State
Denney, Lawerence E (REP) scanned
Frasure, Evan S (REP) scanned
McGrane, Phil (REP) scanned
Toryanski, Mitch (REP) scanned
Ysursa, Ben (REP) scanned
Attorney General
Wasden, Lawrence (REP) scanned
State Controller
Hatfield, Todd (REP) scanned
Woolf, Brandon (REP) scanned
State Treasurer
Crane, Ron (REP) scanned
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Luna, Tom scanned
Supreme Court Justice
Eismann, Dan scanned
Seiniger Jr, Wm Breck scanned
Appellate Court Judge
Gutierrez, Sergio A scanned
District Judge, District 3
Ford, Bradley scanned
Southworth, George W scanned
Kerrick, Juneal C scanned
Wiebe, Susan E scanned
District Judge, District 7
Simpson, Darren B scanned
Alexander, John A (DEM) scanned
Allen, James ("Jim") W (DEM) scanned
Banks, Aaron Alexander (IND) scanned
Best, Dawn D (DEM) scanned
Bilyeu, Diane (DEM) scanned
Block, Sharon L (REP) scanned
Branch, Ric (REP) scanned
Brudie, Jeff M scanned
Burdick, Roger scanned
Coiner, Charles H (REP) scanned
Colley, Douglas (Doug) (REP) termination
Foxx, Steven L (IND) scanned
Gibler, Fred M scanned
Hammond, Jim (REP) scanned
Hawkins, Stan (REP) scanned
Higgins, Elfreda A (DEM) termination
Johnson, Keith L (REP) scanned
Labrador, Raul R (REP) scanned
Lovell, Brenda (DEM) scanned
Mathews, Russell J (REP) termination
McGeachin, Janice (REP) scanned
McGee, John (REP) scanned
Olvera, Roberto (REP) scanned
Perez, Ralph D (REP) scanned
Ridinger, Tim (REP) scanned
Risch, Jim (REP) scanned
Roy, Michael D (REP) scanned
Satterwhite, Rusty (REP) scanned
Schroeder, Gary J (REP) scanned
Skippen, Kathy (REP) scanned
Smylie, Steve (REP) scanned
Smyser, Melinda (REP) scanned
Snodgrass, Mark A (REP) scanned
Thomas, Craig (REP) scanned
Wardle, Shaun (REP) termination
Watkins, Dane (REP) scanned
Whitlatch, Caryl A (LIB) scanned
Williams, J D (DEM) scanned
Williams, Laurynda A (DEM) scanned
Williams, Neil Morse (DEM) scanned
Wood, Roderick Barry scanned
Young, Becky (REP) scanned