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    When and under what circumstances can the reporting requirements be terminated?
    Candidates and Political Committees may terminate reporting requirements only upon reaching a zero balance and have no outstanding debt.
    Note: No Candidate or Political Committee may terminate prior to an election in which they are involved.
    I have met the requirements for terminating. How do I notify the Secretary of State’s Office of my termination?
    Termination of a Candidate or Political Committee’s reporting requirement is accomplished by filing a “Termination Report.” A Termination Report is filed by marking the “Yes” check box to the right of “Is this a Termination Report” on the Summary Page of the Campaign Financial Disclosure Report (C-2). This may be done on a regular report or any time during the year as an annual report.
    How may campaign funds be used?
    Contributions may be used in any of the following ways:
    1. In connection with the campaign of a Candidate,
    2. Ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in connection with the duties of the individual as an officeholder,
    3. Donations to non-profit organizations,
    4. Donations to national, state or local party committees,
    5. Donations to state and local Candidates, or
    6. Donations to Political Committees.
    Are there ways that campaign funds may not be used?
    Contributions cannot be used in the following ways:
    1. Any personal use,
    2. Home mortgage, rent or utility payment,
    3. Clothing purchases except for items of de minimis value such as campaign shirts or hats,
    4. A non-campaign or officeholder related automobile expense,
    5. A country club membership,
    6. A vacation or other non-campaign related trip,
    7. A tuition payment,
    8. Admission to a sporting event, concert, theater or other form of entertainment not associated with an election campaign,
    9. Dues, fees and other payments to a health club or recreational facility, or
    10. Meals, groceries or other food expense, except for tickets to meals that the Candidate attends solely for the purpose of enhancing the candidacy of another person or meal expenses which are incurred as part of a campaign activity or as part of a function that is related to the Candidate’s or officeholder’s responsibilities.
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