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Ballot Propositions To Be Voted On at the General Election November 5, 2002

Argument IN FAVOR OF Proposition Two

If someone kidnapped your daughter, would you want the most experienced sheriff at the crime scene—or someone just out of the academy with no experience?

At the trial, would you want an experienced prosecuting attorney putting the bad guys in jail or would you be satisfied with someone who just got out of law school?

To avoid being audited by the IRS would you hire an inexperienced accountant to do your taxes or would you rather have someone who knows the laws and can save you money?

For most of us, experience counts!

Reasonable thoughtful people want experienced sheriffs, prosecuting attorneys and accountants. Reasonable thoughtful people elect experienced, qualified leaders—sheriffs, prosecuting attorneys, county commissioners, city mayors, school district trustees. Experienced elected officials know how to put the bad guys in jail and keep your family safe.

Experienced elected officials know how to balance state, county and city budgets and to avoid raising taxes. Experienced elected officials listen to all of their constituents, weigh the issues and make good, solid, consistent policy.

Reasonable, thoughtful people re-elect officials because they do a good job, provide stability to the counties and to the state. If elected officials do a bad job, they are voted out of office!

Idaho does not have career politicians at any level. Idaho does have turnover – without term limits. Idaho needs ballot access without restrictions. Defend your right to vote. Don’t lose your right to vote for the candidates of your choice! Don’t let someone else decide who represents you!

Madison, Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers determined that artificially limiting terms was bad for our country-they decided against restricting ballot access or limiting terms. You should too!


Idahoans for Voter Rights

Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Proposition Two

The people of Idaho have had a lot of "experience" lately with "experienced" politicians in the state legislature, and that experience has not been good.

The politicians in the legislature have failed us miserably on education funding, property and water rights, and jobs and the economy.

Worst of all, our "experience" tells us that the legislature is filled with politicians who will do anything just to stay in power longer.

The people of Idaho voted not once, but twice, in favor of placing term limits on members of the legislature. The Idaho Supreme Court unanimously upheld term limits. And Governor Kempthorne vetoed the term limits repeal. But the politicians refused to listen to the voters, to the Supreme Court, or to the Governor – just because they want to stay in office as long as possible.

That’s not the kind of "experience" Idahoans want.

We deserve new people with new ideas. We want the "experience" that comes from farmers, teachers, doctors, business people – folks from all walks of life in the real world.

What’s more, when the politicians in the legislature voted to throw out term limits, they viciously attacked the voter initiative process.

After approving term limits twice, Idaho voters are being forced to vote again because state legislators do not respect the will of the people. If the legislature is allowed to throw out term limits, then no vote of the people will be truly safe from the politicians.




Committee to Repeal the Repeal

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