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Ballot Propositions To Be Voted On at the General Election November 5, 2002

Published by
Pete T. Cenarrusa
Secretary of State
State of Idaho

Dear Idahoan:

This is your Idaho Voters' Pamphlet containing information concerning one initiative and one referendum which will appear on the November 5, 2002 ballot. It contains the ballot title, the pro and con arguments and rebuttals, and the complete text of each ballot measure.

By Constitutional provision in Idaho, the people have the right to legislate independently of the Legislature. Certain people are exercising that right with these propositions.

The arguments for and against, as provided by law, are the opinions of the respective authors. The publishing of the arguments for these measures does not constitute an endorsement by the State of Idaho, nor does the State warrant the accuracy or truth of any statement made in the arguments.

Another section contains information on voter registration. Important information is included for those who are not registered to vote, or have moved recently.

Read carefully the information about the measures contained in this pamphlet. Such measures are designed specifically to give you, the electorate, the opportunity to influence the laws which regulate us all.

Visit our internet site at: / for additional election information.

Take advantage of this opportunity and vote on November 5, 2002.



(Facsimile Ballot)


An initiative defining tribal video gaming machines and providing for amendment of state-tribal gaming compact providing for their use.

An initiative relating to Indian gaming; providing findings and purposes; clarifying public policy regarding Indian gaming; adding Idaho Code 67-429B defining tribal video gaming machines as gaming machines used by Indian tribes which are not activated by a handle or lever, do not dispense coins, currency, tokens or chips, and which perform only certain defined functions, and defining such machines as neither slot machines nor imitations or simulations of any form of casino gaming; adding 67-429C allowing amendment of state-tribal compacts to allow use of tribal video gaming machines; limiting the number of machines to those in a tribe’s possession on January 1, 2002, allowing an increase of 5% per year not to exceed 25% over 10 years; requiring renegotiations of compacts after 10 years; providing a tribal contribution of 5% of annual net gaming income for educational programs and schools on or near the reservations; limiting gaming to Indian lands; providing amendment to state-tribal compacts upon certification to the Idaho Secretary of State of a tribal resolution; providing for automatic approval by State without necessity of executive or legislative action; making initiative effective upon completion of canvass of votes by Idaho Secretary of State; and containing a severability clause.

Shall the above-entitled measure proposed by Proposition One be approved? YES

Text of the Proposed Law

Argument IN FAVOR OF Proposition One and rebuttal

Argument AGAINST Proposition One and rebuttal

(Facsimile Ballot)


Referendum reinstating term limits for elected state, county, municipal and school district officials through ballot access restrictions.

Referendum to approve or reject H425, Session Law 1, effective February 1, 2002, which repealed Idaho Code 34-907, 50-478, and 33-443. Rejection of H425, by this referendum will enact ballot access restrictions that will have the practical effect of imposing term limits on state elected officeholders, state legislative elected officeholders, county elected officeholders, and municipal elected officeholders and school board members.

Shall the legislation repealing term limits for elected state, county, municipal and school district officials be approved? YES

Text of Proposition Two

Argument IN FAVOR OF Proposition Two and rebuttal

Argument AGAINST Proposition Two and rebuttal

Proposition One

The Idaho Coalition for Indian Self-Reliance
Ernest L. Stensgar
PO Box 408
Plummer ID 83851
(208) 686-1800

Samuel N. Penney
PO Box 305
Lapwai ID 83540-0305


Straight Talk - Gambling in Idaho, Inc.
3442 Addison East
Kimberly ID 83341
State Senator Laird Noh
(208) 733-3617
State Representative Maxine Bell

Proposition Two

Idahoans for Voter Rights
Stephen Ahrens
Ken Harward
PO Box 389
Boise ID 83701
(208) 343-1849


Committee to Repeal the Repeal
Donald Morgan
1500 Brook Drive
Post Falls ID 83854
(208) 773-7691

Political Parties
Idaho Democratic Party
P.O. Box 445
Boise, Idaho 83701
(208) 336-1815
or 800-542-4737
FAX (208) 336-1817
Carolyn Boyce, Chairman

Idaho Republican Party
P.O. Box 2267
Boise, Idaho 83701
(208) 343-6405
Fax (208) 343-6414
John Sandy, Chairman

Constitution Party
2600 East Seltice Way #A-133
Post Falls, Idaho 83854
(208) 733-6698
Dean Isaacson, Chairman

Libertarian Party of Idaho
P.O. Box 15582
Boise, Idaho 83715
Ted Dunlap, Chairman

Natural Law Party of Idaho
59 Drake
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
(208) 233-0129
Ann Vegors/Dr. Susan Vegors, Co-Chairmen

Voter Qualifications and Registration

An Idaho Voter Must Be:
A Citizen of the United States;
At least 18 years of age on election day;
A resident in the state and in the county for thirty (30) days prior to election day;
Registered as required by law.

Where and When to Register:

Applicants may register before an election with the county clerk up to 25 days before an election. This deadline shall also apply to any registrars the county clerk may have appointed.

Any elector may register by mail. Any mail registration application must be received by the county clerk not later than 25 days preceding any election provided that any mail registration application postmarked not later than 25 days prior to an election shall be deemed timely.

An individual who is eligible to vote may register on election day by appearing in person at the polling place for the precinct in which the individual maintains residence, by completing a registration card, making an oath in the form prescribed by the secretary of state and providing proof of residence. All documents used in providing proof of residence shall be accompanied with a photo I.D. Only the following documents showing the registrant's current address in the precinct are authorized:

a valid Idaho driver's license issued through the department of transportation

a valid Idaho identification card issued through the department of transportation

any document which contains a valid address in the precinct together with a picture identification card

Students may also use:

A current valid student identification card from a post secondary educational institution in Idaho accompanied with a current student fee statement that contains the student's valid address in the precinct together with a picture identification card.

A person may request absentee registration by writing to the county clerk. Absentee registration will be accepted if received by the county clerk not later than 25 days preceding any election provided that any mail registration application postmarked not later than 25 days prior to an election shall be deemed timely.

Reregistration - When Required:

Reregistration is required if the voter has failed to vote at least once at a primary or general election during the four years following registration, and the county clerk has consequently canceled the registration, or if the voter moves or changes their name.

Voting Locations:

A polling place is selected for each election precinct by the Board of County Commissioners. Election notices are published in local newspapers naming the polling place for each election precinct, date of election, and the hours during which the polls will be open. County clerks also have this information. Every effort has been made to provide handicapped voters with polling place accessibility, or when requested, absentee ballots.

Absentee Voting:

Any registered voter may make application in writing to the county clerk to receive an absentee ballot. Applications are available from Clerk’s office or a written request with the required information (name of elector, residence address in Idaho and mailing address to which ballot is to be forwarded).

October 30, 2002 is the last day for mailed in absentee ballot applications to be received by the county clerk prior to General Election until 5:00 p.m. The application must be signed personally by the applicant.

The in-person application shall be signed personally by the applicant and be filed with the county clerk not later than 5:00 P.M. on the day before the election.

The absentee ballot may be delivered to the absent elector in the office of the county clerk, by postage prepaid mail or by other appropriate means.


For further information contact the county clerk’s office or the secretary of state’s office in Boise: (208) 334-2852.
e-mail: [email protected]

Where to Call for County Voter Information

For information in regard to election procedures, contact your County Clerk or the Secretary of State. Your County Clerk may be contacted by letter at the county seat or by calling the numbers listed below.

Ada 287-6860 Cassia 878-4367 Lewis 937-2661
Adams 253-4561 Clark 374-5304 Lincoln 886-7641
Bannock 236-7334 Clearwater 476-5615 Madison 356-3662
Bear Lake 945-2212 Custer 879-2360 Minidoka 436-9511
Benewah 245-3212 Elmore 587-2131 Nez Perce 799-3020
Bingham 785-5005 Franklin 852-1090 Oneida 766-4116
Blaine 788-5505 Fremont 624-7332 Owyhee 495-2421
Boise 392-4431 Gem 365-4561 Payette 642-6000
Bonner 265-1432 Gooding 934-4841 Power 226-7611
Bonneville 529-1350 Idaho 983-2751 Shoshone 752-1264
Boundary 267-2242 Jefferson 745-7756 Teton 354-2905
Butte 527-3021 Jerome 324-8811 Twin Falls 736-4004
Camas 764-2242 Kootenai 769-4428 Valley 382-7100
Canyon 454-7562 Latah 882-8580 Washington 414-2092
Caribou 547-4324 Lemhi 756-2815    

Secretary of State Election Division: Voice (208) 334-2852
TTY-TDD (208) 334-2366

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