Idaho Statute § 67-6602, paragraphs (j & k) defines lobbying as follows:

(12) "Lobby" and "lobbying" each means attempting through contacts with, or causing others to make contact with, members of the legislature or legislative committees or an executive official, to influence the approval, modification or rejection of any legislation by the legislature of the state of Idaho or any committee thereof or by the governor or to develop or maintain relationships with, promote goodwill with, or entertain members of the legislature or executive officials. "Lobby" and "Lobbying" shall also mean communicating with an executive official for the purpose of influencing the consideration, amendment, adoption or rejection of any rule or rulemaking as defined in section 67-5201, Idaho Code, or any ratemaking decision, procurement, contract, bid or bid process, financial services agreement, or bond issue. Neither "lobby" nor "lobbying" includes an association's or other organization's act of communicating with the members of that association or organization; and provided that neither "lobby" nor "lobbying" includes communicating with an executive official for the purpose of carrying out ongoing negotiations following the award of a bid or a contract, communications involving ongoing legal work and negotiations conducted by and with attorneys for executive agencies, interactions between parties in litigation or other contested matters, or communications among and between members of the legislature and executive officials and their employees, or by state employees while acting in their official capacity or within the course and scope of their employment.

(13) "Lobbyist" includes any person who lobbies.

All persons doing lobbying must register with the Secretary of State unless they fall under one of the criteria to be exempt from registration.

Before doing any lobbying, or within thirty (30) days after being employed, designated, or contracted as a lobbyist, whichever occurs first, a lobbyist shall register by filing with the secretary of state a lobbyist registration statement accompanied by payment of a registration fee of ten dollars ($10.00). Any Lobbyist who receives or is to receive compensation from more than (1) person for his services as a lobbyist shall file a separate notice of representation, accompanied by the fee of ten dollars ($10.00) for each separate notice of representation.

When Filing the Lobbyist Registration Statement, the lobbyist discloses:

  1. The lobbyist’s name, permanent business address, and any temporary residential and business address in Ada County during the legislative session;
  2. The name, address, and notification e-mail address to be used for the employer, client, or designated contact, as well as the general nature of the occupation or business of the lobbyist’s employer or client.
  3. In the case of a designated lobbyist for a corporate entity, the name and notification e-mail address of the corporate entity that is already registered as a lobbyist.
  4. Whether the lobbyist will be lobbying the legislature, executive officials or both;
  5. The general subject(s) of the lobbyist’s legislative interest; and
  6. The name and address of the person who will have custody of the accounts, receipts and other documents required to be kept by law.

Each registered legislative lobbyist then electronically files financial discloser reports- monthly during the legislative session (generally covering January, February, and March) and an annual report at the end of the calendar year. These reports disclose expenditures made or incurred by the lobbyist during the time period covered

Registered executive official lobbyists are required to file a semi-annual and annual report disclosing expenditures made or incurred by the lobbyist during the time periods covered.

Those lobbying both the legislature and executive officials will file monthly reports during the legislative session and an annual report disclosing expenditures for all lobbying activities.

Lobbyist registration is on an annual basis. Each lobbyist must file a new registration statement, revised as appropriate, on or before January 10 each year. Failure to do so terminates the lobbyist's registered status. (Section 67-6617(5)(d), Idaho Code)