SECTION 1. STATE TO ESTABLISH AND SUPPORT INSTITUTIONS. Educational, reformatory, and penal institutions, and those for the benefit of the insane, blind, deaf and dumb, and such other institutions as the public good may require, shall be established and supported by the state in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

SECTION 2. SEAT OF GOVERNMENT. The seat of government of the state of Idaho shall be located at Boise City for twenty years from the admission of the state, after which time the legislature may provide for its relocation, by submitting the question to a vote of the electors of the state at some general election.

SECTION 3. SEAT OF GOVERNMENT – CHANGE IN LOCATION. The legislature may submit the question of the location of the seat of government to the qualified voters of the state at the general election, then next ensuing, and a majority of all the votes upon said question cast at said election shall be necessary to determine the location thereof. Said legislature shall also provide that in case there shall be no choice of location at said election, the question of choice between the two places for which the highest number of votes shall have been cast shall be submitted in like manner to the qualified electors of the state at the next general election.

SECTION 4. PROPERTY OF TERRITORY BECOMES PROPERTY OF STATE. All property and institutions of the territory, shall, upon the adoption of the constitution, become the property and institutions of the state of Idaho.

SECTION 5. STATE PRISONS – CONTROL OVER. The state legislature shall establish a nonpartisan board to be known as the state board of correction, and to consist of three (3) members appointed by the governor, one (1) member for two (2) years, one (1) member for four (4) years, and one (1) member for six (6) years. After the appointment of the first board the term of each member appointed shall be six (6) years. This board shall have the control, direction and management of the penitentiaries of the state, their employees and properties, and of adult felony probation and parole, with such compensation, powers, and duties as may be prescribed by law.


SECTION 7. CHANGE IN LOCATION OF INSTITUTIONS. The legislature for sanitary reasons may cause the removal to more suitable localities of any of the institutions mentioned in section one of this article.