Note: Federal, state and county liens attach to collateral in different ways. You will need to contact the appropriate government agency to get more information about how that agency's liens are handled and to get financial information regarding the lien.

An Idaho state lien appeared on my credit report. What do I do?

The three credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, display liens from three different Idaho agencies under the heading “state tax lien” or “Ada County Recorder”. The three agencies are:

  1. Idaho Department of Labor – This agency generally files liens to recover over-payment of unemployment benefits, or to recover unemployment insurance taxes not paid. They can be contacted at: 208-334-6387 or 800-448-2977
  2. Idaho Department of Health and Welfare – This agency generally files liens to recover unpaid child support, to recover Medicaid, or for estate recovery of permanently institutionalized people. Contacts:
    Child Support: 208-334-2479 or 800-356-9868
    Medicaid: 208-375-1132
    Estate Recovery: 208-332-7961
    Tefra liens: 888-378-2836
  3. Idaho State Tax Commission – This agency generally files liens to recover unpaid state income tax. They can be reached at: 208-334-7716

If one is uncertain as to the status of the lien in question, our UCC Status Search may be used, or one may contact the UCC Division by calling 208-334-3191.

If the lien has been satisfied (paid in full), and released, one may contact the UCC Division and request a copy of the release document.

Most records stay on a credit report for seven years, while some remain for ten years. This article from Forbes may provide some helpful tips to assist in correcting a credit report.

Where can I get pay-off information from the IRS?

Phone: 1-800-913-6050
Fax: 1-859-669-3805


Internal Revenue Service
Centralized Lien Operation
P.O. Box 45595
Stop 8420G
Cincinnati, OH 45250-5595