Idaho’s will registry was created in 2000 to help provide a solution for a common problem experienced by many Idahoans. After the death of a loved one, it is often difficult to determine whether they have executed a will or locate it.

The Secretary of State’s office maintains Idaho’s will registry. This service will help ensure your loved ones can become aware of the existence and location of your will after your death.

The will registry only contains basic information about your will. This includes your name (testator), the date your will was created, and the location of your will. This office does not keep a copy of your will or any information about the contents of your will.

Information contained in this registry is strictly confidential. We will only share the information with your heirs, beneficiaries, or other interested persons after your death.

It is not mandatory for you to use this service. Choosing not to register your will with the Secretary of State’s office does not affect the validity of the will.

The office of the Secretary of State does not provide legal advice and is not able to assist in the creation of a will. The Court Assistance Office provides information on basic estate planning and wills. These documents can be found on

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