2017/2018 Idaho Blue Book


Chapter One - Profile

Chapter Two - Federal Government

Chapter Three - Executive Branch

Chapter Four - Legislative Branch

Chapter Five - Judicial Branch

Chapter Six - County Government

Chapter Seven - Elections

Chapter Eight - Education

Chapter Nine - Media

Chapter Ten - Economy

Chapter Eleven - Demographics

Chapter Twelve - Recreation



2017-2018 Blue Book (complete)

Archive of older editions.

Idaho State Emblems

What is a Blue Book?

The Idaho Blue Book is published biennially in odd-numbered years under the direction of the Secretary of State. It contains constitutional, historical and statistical information about the state of Idaho. It also details the structure of Idaho's government and includes biographies of elected officials. The book is distributed free to all schools and libraries in the state upon request.

The Blue Book received its name not from the color of its cover but rather by definition of content. Bartlett's Dictionary of Americanisms defines the term Blue Book as "a printed book containing the names of all persons holding office under the Government of the United States. It answers the Red Book of England." Individual states have taken this concept and expanded it to include a wealth of information about state officials and resources as well as statistical and historical profiles.

The 2017-2018 print edition will be available September 25th, 2017. Please note that the print edition of the Idaho Blue Book is printed in black and white.

To order the Idaho Blue Book, send your request to the address below:

Secretary of State's Office
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0080

The cost of the Blue Book is $10.00 (postage and handling included). Please make your remittance payable to the “State of Idaho”.

An order form is provided for your convenience, however, it is not required that you use this form.

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