In accordance with Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, this office uses the nationwide UCC1 and UCC3 Financing Statement forms as our standard forms. Filings on any other forms will not be accepted.

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Description of Form Form
UCC Financing Statement (for all except farm products) Includes UCC1Ad Financing Statement Addendum UCC1
UCC Financing Statement Additional Party UCC1AP
UCC Financing Statement Amendment Includes UCC3Ad Financing Statement Amendment Addendum UCC3
UCC Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party UCC3AP
Information Statement UCC5
Farm Products Financing Statement UCC-1F
Addendum to UCC-1F UCC-1Fa
Farm Products Financing Statement Amendment UCC-3F
Addendum to UCC-3F UCC-3Fa
Notice of Claim of Lien in Crops SL-1
Notice of Claim of Lien in Crops Addendum SL-2
Release or Extension of Claim of Lien in Crops SL-3
Notice of Lien on Agricultural Products (C1) and Notice of Discharge (C2) C1 & C2
Request for Information and Copies UCC4
Information Request [Fee for information only (2a.) is $10.00, fee for copies (2b.) is an additional $6.00] UCC11
County Medical N-1
County Medical Continuation, Amendment, etc. N-3
Security Interests in Idaho Crops for Provision of Agricultural Chemicals AC-1