Limited Partnership filings are processed on a daily basis. Domestic LP's will receive a copy of the filing by return mail in a week to ten days. The copy will show your filing number. Foreign LP's will receive a certificate.

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Limited Partnership Filings Filing Fee
Certificate of Limited Partnership $100.00
Amendment to Certificate or Registration of Limited Partnership $30.00
Amended and Restated Certificate of Limited Partnership $30.00
Statement of Termination of Limited Partnership $30.00
Statement of Dissociation $30.00
Foreign Limited Partnerships
Foreign Registration Statement $100.00
Amendment of Foreign Registration Statement $30.00
Withdrawal of Foreign Registration Statement $20.00
All Limited Partnerships
Expedited Service is available for some types of filings. Page 2 of the form will list it if it is available. $20.00
Reinstatement Form (Only Idaho entities may reinstate.) $30.00
Filing an Annual Report No Fee
Non-typed (Hand-Written) Document Fee $20.00
Copies (per page) $0.25
Certification of copies $10.00
Certificate of Goodstanding or Existence $10.00
Statement of Change of Business Mailing Address No Fee
Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent, or both No Fee

† Foreign limited partnerships applying for a Foreign Registration Statement are required to submit a Certificate of Existence (or goodstanding) with their application. You will obtain such certificate from the office or agency of registration. In most states this will be the Secretary of State's office.