For years, Idaho businesses have seen these yellow, orange, and (hopefully not too many) pink cards file across their desks as annual reports have come due.  With the October 1 launch of our new SOSbiz online filing system, however, these cards become another great part of Idaho’s history…

As part of this change, the PIN information found on any cards received prior to October 1 is no longer valid. Rest assured, the previous ease of keeping your business information up to date by filing your annual report has been retained, and in fact, expanded, as you can now file amendments, address changes, and more– online–through SOSbiz.

We’re asking you to complete an extra step this year.  This extra step, which is a one-time process, is creating a user account at SOSbiz and associating your existing business entities to that user account.

Once you complete this step, not only will you be up and rolling with your own SOSbiz dashboard, but you will have a part in moving Idaho forward, speeding the processing of online business filings, improving the security of our systems, and most importantly, enabling us to reduce our expenses in print-and-mail notices to an ever growing group of over 190,000 Idaho businesses.

Thank you, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Create My SOSBIZ Account