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Chapter 7 – Remote Online Notarization

Welcome to another session of the Idaho notary training series. In this session, we will go over certain acts to take when performing Remote Online Notarizations, also known as RON, for remotely located individuals.

An Idaho Notary Public can perform notarial acts for a remotely located individual through the use of communication technology. To be authorized to perform RON, a notary must first, notify the Secretary of State both that they intend to perform Remote Online Notarizations, and what specific technology they intend to use.

That technology must provide both audio and video communication of sufficient quality and clarity, allowing the notary to clearly see and hear the individuals involved and clearly verify the electronic documents to be notarized. That technology must also be able to provide an audio and video recording of all parties involved to then be retained for at least ten (10) years. Along with your notary signature and stamp the digital certificate will include a statement substantially similar to: “This notarial act involved the use of communication technology.”

However, before performing the remote notarial act, the notary must be able to verify or “proof” the identity of the remotely located individual. This is done either through personal knowledge of the individual, or through an identity proofing process in which consists of a knowledge-based authentication and a presentation of an official identity credential that can be verified by:

  • automated software assistance;
  • an authenticity test consistent with sound commercial practices;
  • held or published information by the issuing source used to confirm the validity of personal details; and
  • visual comparison (by video) of the remotely located individual and their identity credential.

Alternately, a credible witness, either on-site or remotely located, may verify the identity of the remotely located individual by personal knowledge. If so, the notary must then verify the credible witness by either personal knowledge or the identity proofing process. The credible witness is expected to remain in the recording for the entire notarial act.
Remember – It is the responsibility of the notary to ensure their chosen technology meets the requirements outlined in the Idaho Administrative Rules governing Remote Online Notarizations.

You’ve reached the end of your Idaho Remote Online Notary Training. Thank you for your attention, and we hope this has better equipped you to perform Remote Online Notarizations. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions!

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