Uniform Commercial Code Fee Schedule

document of 1 or 2 pages $6.00
document of 3 or more pages $12.00

Electronic filing of UCC-1 financing statement or UCC-3 continuation, assignment, amendment, release or termination

Filing Fee $3.00
Access Fee $1.00

Filing fees for all other types of liens:

UCC-1F farm products financing statement or UCC-3F continuation, assignment or amendment $10.00
SL-1 notice of claim of lien in crops or an SL-3 extension of notice $4.00
C-1 notice of lien on agricultural products $5.00
C-2 notice of discharge of lien on agricultural products No fee
Termination statement or release of claim of lien in crops No fee
Additional fee for filing a form that is not typed $4.00

UCC-4 Request for information fees (searches)

Information on only one type of filed document; e.g. farm products financing statements, notices of claim of lien in crops, or notices of government liens $6.00
Information on agricultural commodity crop liens $5.00
Information on two or more types of filed documents $10.00
Additional fee for copies of reported documents $6.00
Additional fee for not typing the form $4.00
Additional fee for expedited search $10.00

UCC-11 Request for information fees (searches)

All Lien Types (information only) $10.00
Additional fee for copies $6.00

Miscellaneous fees

Manual Processing Fee for Paper Forms $20.00
Copies of filed UCC documents from UCC records – per page $1.00
Other Copies (4 or more pages) – per page $0.25