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PML/CS Subscription

The Idaho Secretary of State’s office maintains the Idaho Central Filing System, which has been certified by the USDA.
When Farm Products Financing Statements (UCC-1F) are filed and recorded by our office, they become part of the Idaho Central
Filing System.

One of the requirements for “Central Filing” certification by the USDA is that we maintain a “Master
List” (ML) of all Farm Products Financing Statements that are filed with our office. The master list is divided into
sections by category of farm product. Those sections are known as “Portions of the Master List” (PML). Each farm
product category is given a “PML number” and each PML is organized alphabetically by debtor name. Each debtor entry
on the PML includes all of that debtor’s information, all of the secured party (lien holder) information, and all
collateral information, including collateral type, location, crop years and amounts.

A complete master list is published and distributed every two weeks as noted on the PML Publication Schedule. A supplement
file is also published that documents all master list changes over the previous two week period. The supplement file is not
necessary to be aware of all lien information, however it does provide additional information for subscribers who require
more detail. Both the master list and the supplemental information are published in three formats – PDF, HTML and.csv (comma

This master list is beneficial to buyers, commission merchants and selling agents as it provides a method to which they
can be aware of persons or business entities which hold a security interest in a particular agricultural product.

Any person or business entity who wishes to receive master list information must register with the Secretary of
State’s office. The fee for this registration is $30.00. The registrant may then subscribe to the PML files
they wish to receive. (See the PML Fee Schedule listed below.)

“Seed and Labor” List

The “Seed and Labor” List consists of all current “Liens in Crops for Seed” and “Liens in Crops for Farm Labor”, as well
as agricultural liens filed by the Idaho State Tax Commission. The list is published every two weeks and includes all debtor,
secured party and collateral information.

The “Seed and Labor” List may be subscribed to as part of a PML registration. To subscribe to receive the “Seed and
Labor” List information use
PML Number 30 in the PML Number box on the registration form. This subscription costs $90.00 annually.

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Electronic State Liens Distribution

The Electronic State Liens Distribution Subscription program provides complete information to the subscribers consisting
of all information provided to the Secretary of State as prescribed by Title 45, Chapter 19, Idaho Code by the Departments of
Labor, Health & Welfare and the Idaho State Tax Commission, plus the lien/amendment numbers and dates assigned by our

Once a customer has subscribed to the program, historical files are provided that will bring them up to date with current

After the customer has received the historical data, incremental files will be provided at the time intervals subscribed
to by the customer; monthly, weekly or daily. Incremental data files are then used by the subscriber to update their

Sample data files are available upon request.

All files distributed by email are expected to be mailed out between 8:00am and 9:00am each day. During any time interval
that no files are processed, an email notice will be provided indicating that there are no new files.

The subscription fee is $30.00 per year.
Each file delivery is $8.00.

Payment will be required at the time of each delivery and can be charged to a credit card or to a prepaid account with the
Secretary of State’s office. Prepaid accounts can be set up by contacting our Fiscal Division at 208-334-5355.

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IRS/TAX Subscription

The IRS/TAX subscription includes all information for active liens filed with our office by the Internal Revenue Service
and the Idaho State Tax Commission. The IRS/TAX data file is delivered every other Wednesday, in comma-delimited format. These
files tend to be extremely large so they are “zipped” for delivery. Necessary software to access and view these files include
a file compression utility such as WinZip and spreadsheet software such as Excel.

The annual subscription fee is $120.00.
Each distribution is $8.00.

Payment will be required at the time of each delivery and can be charged to an on-file credit card or to a prepaid account
with the Secretary of State’s office. You will receive a receipt at the end of the month when the previous month is charged
against your account or your credit card. Prepaid accounts can be set up by contacting our Fiscal Division at

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UCC Data and Images Subscription


UCC and lien data is made available for download, in bulk, on a bi-weekly basis – every other Monday. The raw data
extracted from the IDSOS UCC/Liens database consists of all UCC and lien filings of
all statuses and is offered in a tab-delimited format. The data tables will have to be reconstructed by the
recipient. Each extract is a full replacement of all data, which includes UCC, lien, debtor, secured party, amendment and
amendment-action information. Collateral information is
not included.

Cost: $125.00 per extract.


UCC and lien document images are made available for download on a bi-weekly basis – every other Monday. Due to the sheer
size of our image database, these extracts only include document images created since the previous extract. Images relating
to UCC, lien, and amendment filings are included. Image files are in TIF and XML formats, with any applicable XSL files

Cost: $125.00 per extract.

Full extracts of document images can be done by contacting our IT Division at 208-334-5354 to discuss the cost and

Payment will be required at the time of each extract and can be charged to a credit card or to a pre-paid account with the
Secretary of State’s office. Prepaid accounts can be set up by contacting our Fiscal Division at 208-334-5355.

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System Upgrade In Progress

Campaign Finance, Lobbyist Reporting, and Online Voter Tools are expected to be offline from April 9th at 5:00 p.m. MDT, through April 12th at 8:00 a.m. MDT to complete a system upgrade.

Per Idaho Code 67-6607, campaign finance is reported monthly during a campaign’s election year. The deadline for the March report falls on Saturday, April 10th. Due to the interruption caused by this upgrade, political treasurers will be allowed to file the March report until 11:59 p.m. MDT on Monday, April 12th.

While we do our best to ensure compliance with all deadlines in statute, the timing of this release is critical to ensure minimal (or no) impact to the May election cycle. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.