Photography Submission

Can I Have My Photography Displayed on the Secretary of State’s Website?

The Secretary of State invites both amateur and professional photographers to submit photos taken within the state of Idaho for display on this website.

What Types of Photos Should I Submit?

  1. Natural Idaho: Animals, plants, and landscapes; geological or climatological features; or scientific processes and endeavors that are specific to Idaho.
  2. Idaho Travel: Idaho locales or activities.
  3. Idahoans: Only portraits and photos of groups or individuals that convey a sense of Idaho will be used.
  4. The Idaho Experience: Events, objects, or activities connecting Idahoans to their history or their cultural heritage; photographs that tell us what it means to be an Idahoan and provide a sense of what it is like to live in this state.

How Will My Photos Be Used?

By sharing your photos with the Secretary of State, you are giving this office an unlimited license to use your photos, but you will keep the copyright. Your photos may be shared on the Secretary of State website or used in Secretary of State brochures, posters, blogs, social media, videos, or other documents created for this office.

How Will My Photos Make a Difference?

As a statewide organization, it is important for the Secretary of State to represent people from throughout Idaho. Your submissions will help build a library of photos that will help enrich Secretary of State content.

How Do I Submit My Photos?

Use the form below and share your favorite Idaho photos with the Secretary of State’s office. Please submit photos in .jpg or .png format and use the highest resolution possible. (maximum file upload 8mb)

What Happens Next?

Office staff will review your photos before they will be accepted for use. All photos must meet standards for quality and be free of copyright or intellectual property issues. Unfortunately, we may not be able to use every photo submitted.

    I allow the Secretary of State to use the photo I am submitting. I understand I am giving the office of Secretary of State an unlimited license to use this photo in various formats and for an unlimited period of time. The Secretary of State may crop, edit, or otherwise enhance the image.
    I certify the image submitted is my original work and, if copyrighted, I am the sole copyright owner. Copyright of the image remains the property of the photographer. I also attest to having the consent of anyone clearly depicted in the image submitted and agree to provide a signed release form upon request.