Election Publications

Many publications are available in book or booklet form and can be requested by emailing [email protected].

With the exception of the Idaho Blue Book, there is no charge for publications listed below.

Idaho State Publications

You can request copies of the Idaho State Constitution and/or the Idaho Blue Book using our online order form.

Idaho State Constitution

The Idaho State Constitution is available in PDF and HTML formats.

The HTML version is maintained at the Idaho State Legislature’s website.

Idaho Blue Book

The Idaho Blue Book contains constitutional, historical and statistical information about the state of Idaho.

Idaho Election Laws

Election Publications

Collection of documents related to elections in Idaho.

Revised 09/2020

Revised 07/2020

Revised 2019

Campaign Finance

Documents related to campaign finance and disclosure in Idaho.

Revised 07/2020

Revised 2020

State and Federal Code

Idaho Code

The Idaho state legislature’s website.

United States Constitution

The website for the United States Code.

United States Code

The website for the United States Code.