Idaho AG’s Conclusion: The Idahoan Qualifies for Press Exemption


Date: May 14, 2018
Contact: Lawerence Denney, Idaho Secretary of State
Phone: (208) 332-2852

Boise, Idaho – Idaho’s Attorney General’s office today responded to Secretary of State Lawerence Denney’s request for a review of The Idahoan with regards to whether or not the periodical qualified as exempt under the press exemption of Idaho’s Sunshine Laws. The issue was raised by a complaint filed in the form of a letter from the Idaho Democratic Party, in which the party asked for an investigation. In his conclusion, Deputy AG Brian Kane states that “it appears that The Idahoan qualifies for the press exemption in Idaho Code § 67-6602(f)(B)(i).”

The full content of the response letter is online at the Secretary of State’s website, and both the Idaho Democratic Party and the management of The Idahoan were provided a copy of the opinion, by email, following its receipt Monday.

Click here to read the letter.



Lawerence Denney has served the people of Idaho since 1990. His public service began as a representative in District 13 and, following redistricting, then became a representative in District 9 until 2014. During this time, Denney served two terms as Majority Leader and three terms as Speaker of the House before successfully running for state office as Idaho’s Secretary of State. He is currently in the fourth year of his first term as Secretary of State.